FogWAN offers a scalable, secure and fast SD-WAN Solution. FogWAN allows you to securely connect offices, homes, branches and servers in the data centre.

How does FogWAN work?

When you sign up for FogWAN we send you a Router that is preconfigured and will connect you to the FogWAN Infrastructure. Depending on your needs it will automatically connect your Router to other FogWAN routers you have and create one network.
FogWAN utilizes your existing Internet Connection and provides an overlay. FogWAN works over DSL, 4 and 5G Mobile as well as FTTH.

FogWAN established an encrypted connection between the routers to ensure a safe data transfer.


FogWAN is available in different Tiers, depending on your network speed and scale.

FogWAN Basic FogWAN Advanced FogWAN Business FogWAN Enterprise
Max Routers 2 5 10 Unlimited
Speed 100Mbit/s 250Mbit/sec 1Gbit/s 10Gbit/s
Support - Ticket Ticket Ticket and Phone, 12h SLA
Pricing From 99/mo From 199/mo From 399/mo Ask for a Quote